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Getting The Most Out of Your Cooling Hat Inserts

June 23, 2021 By pb Off

Here are five essential Cooling Hat Insert tips for getting the most out of your cooling hat inserts:

The Cooling Hat Insert is a great new product we are excited to bring to market. There are many innovative ways to use and maintain the Cooling Hat Insert. We aim for every customer to get the most value for their cooling investment. After several prototypes and product testing rounds, we have developed an initial guide to help new customers maximize their cooling experience using our Cooling Hat Inserts.

Do not worry about remembering all this information. When you purchase your Cooling Hat Inserts, you will also get a handy, printed reference guide covering this blog’s tips and information.

Getting the most out of your Cooling Hat Inserts:

1. INSERT FREEZING – Place your Cooling Inserts into a freezer for one hour or more. For less freezing effect, use a refrigerator or cooler (this will reduce cooling time). Clean your inserts with warm soap and water after each use and allow them to dry (if possible) before placing them into a freezer. With proper use and maintenance, your Cooling Hat Inserts will last long.

2. COOLING CHOICE – Place your fully chilled Cooling Insert into your headwear firmly so the insert molds to the top. You can use your fist to push the insert into your headwear so the cooling petals form fit for comfort. Put your headwear on and adjust the insert as needed. Your cooling inserts come with two cooling choices. FABRIC SIDE = COOL CHILL. PLASTIC SIDE = EXTREME COOL EXPERIENCE. We suggest starting with the fabric side initially to experience the cooling effect.

3. COOLING TIME – We are often asked, “How long does the cooling last?” In most cases, the cooling sensation will last longer than you need at any given point. The good news is you can enjoy instant cooling relief; however, you should not use the inserts longer than 20 minutes at a time. Overuse could result in causing headaches or skin irritations. We suggest avoiding direct skin exposure. We also do not recommend the Cooling Hat Insert for children under 12 without adult supervision.

4. ALL DAY COOLING – For longer cooling times, use one Cooling Insert and recharge another in a cooler. After each use, replace the recently used insert with a fully re-charged insert and repeat as needed for a lasting excellent solution.

5. SAFETY MEASURES – We strongly recommend that Cooling Hat Inserts not be used by persons with circulatory or scalp conditions who should avoid cooling remedies. This product is for external use only, and you should stop using the product immediately if the insert causes discomfort. Be sure to discard the insert if it is punctured or begins to leak. People or animals should never consume the poly gel. In the event of this happening, please call your local poison control center. Consult your physician if you have questions or concerns about the product before use.

We are delighted to have you experience the Cooling Hat Insert by Chiller Body. We encourage you to provide us with any feedback, use and maintenance tips, or suggestions on how we can improve the product in the future. Thank you!