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About Chiller Body. photo of Peter Bowman, creator of Chiller Body Cooling Hat Inserts.

When Life Heats Up, We Cool You Down. Experience our proven and patented Cooling Hat Insert that is perfect for the Sports/Recreation and Commercial/Industrial markets!

About Chiller Body & Founder Peter Bowman

Thank you for your interest in learning about Chiller Body and our powerful Cooling Hat Inserts!

I live in sunny and hot Florida, USA. Like many people, I love to work and play outdoors but but the heat is brutal. For years I tried cooling products and cooling hacks to beat the heat but nothing worked. So I decided to solve a problem and developed Cooling Hat Inserts – a product that has worked for tens of thousands of people all over the world.

Our Cooling Hat Inserts reverse the effects of heat related stress for people in all walks of life. Now you can ORDER your own 2-pack of Cooling Hat Inserts or stock up for your team, crew or even as a great gift for friends and family!

I would love to hear from you, contact us here.

Peter Bowman – Founder – Chiller Body (609) 209-5752

When Life Heats Up, We Cool You Down – Get Your Cooling Hat Inserts Now!

Testimonials about Chiller Body

“I was amazed at how quickly the insert cooled my head. It fit perfectly into my golf hat and I was able to keep the insert in my cooler so I could use it throughout my golf game.”

William P. – Recreational Golf Player

“My landscaping company employs 35 field personnel and this product will help them stay cool on the hot Summer days. I am glad I could test the product and I am looking forward to getting all my crew some of these inserts. It’s a no brainer!”  

Mike G. – Landscape Business Owner