Freezing Pads That Fit Into Most Headwear

Cooling Hat Inserts

Look Hot, Stay Cool - with Chiller Body

Is the Cooling Hat Insert Easy to Use? Yes!

Insert the frozen pad into your headwear. Enjoy immediate cooling relief.
Refreeze your 2nd insert inside a cooler and recycle for all day use!

Cooling Hat Insert – Freezing Gel Pads
that easily fit into most headwear

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If you or someone you know deals with the heat for work or play, you came to the right place. Chiller Body cooling hat inserts offer a cooling solution like no other product on the market.

Just freeze, insert, get instant relief and recharge in a cooler.

It’s that simple!

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One Insert – Two Cooling Levels!


Our “Cool Chill” side offers a soft fabric feel and gentle cooling experience.

Our “Extreme Chill” side offers a much higher cooling intensity.


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Why the Cooling Hat Insert?

Personal cooling technology is a fast-growing market. Why? Because people and companies are realizing that heat stress and heat-related illness (HRI) presents a significant health threat. Heat stress can also increase workplace accident rates and even cause fatalities. The good news is, almost all heat related stress issues are preventable if you know how to treat the symptoms.

We all know that wearing hats and helmets are a great way to protect your head and deflect the sun; however, most headwear can cause a greenhouse effect and trap heat. This process will ultimately raise your body temperature and cause heat stress. Now, there is a solution to cool you down while wearing headwear – even in the most heated conditions.

After countless prototypes and testing, the Cooling Hat Insert was born. Now, this innovative cooling product is available for anyone who wants to combat the effects of heat stress on the job, during sports or during any outside recreational activity.

We invite you to try the Cooling Hat Insert or get some for family, friends, team- mates, employees or anyone that faces the heat. Our Cooling Hat Inserts are durable, freeze quickly and can easily be recharged in a cooler so you can beat the heat all day. Buy your Cooling Hat Inserts today!

Are you interested in purchasing larger quantities for your sports team or employees? Maybe you need branded products for trade shows and events

Do you want to be a wholesale distributor or retailer?

AND – we offer a unique opportunity for individuals to sell our cooling hat inserts at “Hot Events” where our Cooling Hat Inserts are pre-frozen and help customers get instant relief.

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