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Employers Look to Help Workers Fight Heat Stress

June 10, 2021 By pb Off

Today, employers are facing difficult times hiring and retaining workers. Employers that focus on employee wellness and improve working conditions will have the advantage over employers that ignore common working condition hazards. One area of great concern to both employers and workers is dealing with heat stress related issues in hot climates. Heat stress is a serious concern as the effects of overheating can cause workers to become disoriented, dehydrated and eventually escalate to fatal consequences. Heat stress can be avoided but requires a proactive strategy to fend off heat during the work day.

Workers that face hot climates are routinely subjected to the physical effects of heat related illness. Here are ten of the most difficult jobs where heat stress and heat related illness can become a serious factor:

  1. Asphalt paving workers
  2. Roofers
  3. First Responders
  4. Construction workers
  5. Iron & factory workers
  6. Farm workers
  7. Carpenters
  8. Utility workers
  9. Oli and Gas workers
  10. Landscapers

Employers need to take heat related illness seriously as many accidents are caused by excessive heat exposure. Employers should spend time educating their workers on proper hydration and identifying the symptoms that come with heat stress. Most heat related injuries can be avoided if the proper considerations are put in place. Here are a few ways that employers can help support workers that have to deal with excessively hot conditions:

  1. Provide ample fresh and cold water throughout the day
  2. Allow for frequent breaks in the shade to avoid the sun
  3. Provide protective clothing that helps regulate body temperature

Most outside workers are forced to or choose to wear headgear that protects them from direct sunlight. In most cases, wearing hats and helmets actually increases the temperature around the head. Even though the headwear blocks the sun, there can be a greenhouse effect that prevents the body from releasing heat. This can increase the symptoms of heat stress which can surface quickly if not treated properly.

At Chiller Body, we work directly with employers in an effort to reduce the negative effects of heat related illness and heat stress. Our Cooling Hat Inserts work in tandem with many types of headwear and provide instant cooling relief. No other product on the market functions like the Cooling Hat Insert. Each insert can be initially frozen, used and then recharged in a cooler so the opportunity to cool off is available on-demand throughout the workday. Employees love the Cooling Hat Insert and employers can rest assured that the wellbeing of their workers are being considered when it comes to dealing with hot climates and heated working conditions.

We encourage employers to stock up on our bulk packages of Cooling Hat Inserts so their employees can better perform in the hot weather and provide a more safe and stable work environment for the people that make their company run.