Chiller Body cooling hat insert and a hard hat

Introducing The Cooling Hat Insert

May 25, 2021 By pb Off

If you work or play in the high heat, chances are you have experiences some symptoms of (HRI) Heat Related Illness. The issue is real and can lead to serious health consequences as well as unnecessary fatalities. There are some common symptoms of HRI to watch out for. These include:

  • Excessive Sweating
  • Disorientation
  • Nausea
  • Cramping
  • Vomitting

The good news is, Heat Related Illness is preventable – if you take precautions. You need to hydrate, watch your heat stress levels and use innovative products like the Chiller Body Cooling Hat Insert. The Cooling Hat Insert is a freezing poly-gel pad that easily fits into most headwear.

We suggest having at least two inserts so you can rotate the gel pads from your hat to a cooler and recharge them all day. The Cooling Hat Inserts are a great way to stay cool in heated conditions.  They make a great gift for anyone you know who works or plays in the heat. You can order your Cooling Hat Inserts right here on the Chiller Body website.

We designed the Cooling Hat Insert with two cooling options.

One side offers a soft fabric for a gentle cooling experience. The other side offers a more direct and intense cooling level that will help immediately with any heat related issues. Our extensive design and testing has revealed that the Cooling Hat Insert is both durable and versatile. There are many uses for the product including many sports, business and recreational activities.

The Cooling Hat inserts can be easily hand washed and reused many times. No other cooling solution for the head offers more cooling time, cooling intensity or ability to recharge so easily as the Cooling Hat Insert.

Chiller Body offers retail sales and discount sales for larger orders for sports teams, employee groups and even wholesale accounts and distributors that are interested in representing this innovative product.