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OSHA Cracks Down: ChillerBody Has a Proven Solution

August 2, 2023 By LJ Off

OSHA is cracking down on heat stress in the work environment, and products such as Chiller Body offer part of the solution. Whether you work indoors next to flaming ovens or outdoors on steaming hot roofs, the risk of suffering from heat stress is a genuine threat, and OSHA is ensuring that employers comply with set guidelines. An occupation that is catching their interest is construction. According to Equipment World, OSHA’s findings state that construction workers had the highest risk of heat-related deaths. The fatality rate is 13 times higher than in other industries.

J.J. Keller Compliance Network states that with the National Emphasis Program (NEP) launch, outdoor and indoor heat-related hazards and heat-related inspections will drastically increase by an average of 100% in the next five years. Days with an eighty-degree Fahrenheit heat index are considered high priority, and OSHA will be out in full force. When the heat index reaches this level, employers should expect an inspection and protect employees by minimizing heat exposure and including interventions that keep their employees safe from the elements. One way of doing this is to provide them with PPE.

Is your company doing enough? Magid set out to dispel myths that endanger employers. Some such inaccuracies include the belief that one plan will work for all organizations across the country, having accessible water alone is enough to compensate for the heat, workers can tough it out, and shade will have enough cooling effect when employees are overheated. In the case of using shade, they recommend combining this tactic with other cooling techniques. Chiller Body hat inserts can reduce the risk of heat stress when shade is unavailable. A simple insert in employees’ hats cools the blood circulating through the brain.

If contractors want to avoid a citation from OSHA, Loren Keane Law recommends being proactive. A citation from OSHA comes with fines and higher insurance policies. Act now to prevent adverse health issues and unnecessary financial costs.

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