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pickleball players turn to chiller body

Cooling Hat Inserts

Pickleball Players Love to Play it Cool



As a pickleball player in a hot region, you know the painful experience of playing in high heat.

Now, you can play pickleball in comfort with the latest innovation in personal cooling technology.


Introducing Cooling Hat Inserts by Chiller Body – a poly-gel freezing pad that easily fits into most headwear. Cooling Hat Inserts are an innovative, patent-pending cooling solution that works directly with your existing headwear.

At 6 ounces each, our lightweight cooling Hat Inserts provide a comfortable dual-cooling experience. Our soft fabric side provides a relaxed “cool chill” experience while the “extreme chill” side offers a far more intense cooling sensation.

Cooling Hat Inserts are sold in 2-packs so pickleball players like you can enjoy instant relief using one insert while the other insert recharges in a cooler. This recharging process allows you to enjoy on demand cooling – even in the hottest pickleball playing conditions.

Cooling Gel Technology

Our Cooling Hat Inserts use a state-of-the-art poly-gel that freezes quickly and provides maximum cooling times when you are playing pickleball.

Easily Fits in Most Headwear

Using your hat + our technology means you can experience instant cooling without having to buy new headwear. Use your favorite pickleball hat and just let the Cooling Hat Insert give you the cooling relief you need.

Fast Freeze. Easy Recharge.

Freeze your Cooling Hat Inserts and recharge them quickly in a cooler for hours of cooling during and after pickleball play. Your Cooling Hat Inserts come in 2-packs so you always have a cooling solution ready to go when you need it most!

Lightweight & Durable

Our Cooling Hat Insert are designed to work for you during pickleball play. Use your Cooling Hat Inserts during practice, during matches or during breaks throughout the day. Your durable Cooling Hat Inserts will last you a very long time!

Fast Relief. Better Performance.

Cooling down on the pickleball court is important. Our Cooling Hat Inserts provide instant cooling relief. When you body temperature is in the right zone, your will enhance your pickleball performance and enjoyment for the game.

Great Gift for Pickleball Players

Cooling Hat Inserts a great solution for your pickleball performance. They also make a great gift for the pickleball players in your life. Be sure to check out our discounted pricing for larger Cooling Hat Insert orders!

Look Hot, Stay Cool.


“I love to play pickleball but a lot of days are just brutally hot and it affects my game and performance. I am so glad I found Cooling Hat Inserts. They really help me stay cool during play. Cooling hat inserts have turned my hat from an oven to a refrigerator. Thanks Chiller Body for a great product.”

Brian L. – Naples, Florida

“My husband I play doubles almost everyday in Texas. Lately, the heat has been wicked. I was able to test the Cooling Hat Insert and I have tried several cooling products that claim to keep you cool. No question, Chiller Body has the product for us. The inserts fit great, cool instantly and last a long time.”
Maria G.  – El Paso, Texas

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