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Florida’s Heat Stress Bill Shot Down: Why Employers Must Step Up

March 12, 2024 By pb Off

In a move that has sent ripples across the Sunshine State, the Florida legislature recently passed a bill that overturns local heat stress regulations, placing the onus squarely on employers to individually safeguard their workers from the scorching heat. This legislative decision highlights the critical…

Climate Adaptive Health Leads 2024 Global Wellness Trends: Higher Demand For Heat Stress And Heat Related Illness (HRI) Solutions

February 22, 2024 By pb Off

Over the last 3 years, Chiller Body’s Patented Cooling Hat Inserts  have proven to be an effective and convenient product for mitigating heat stress across a wide array of markets including commercial, industrial, sports, and recreation. The Cooling Inserts come in rechargeable 2-Packs that conveniently work with most hats and helmets.